While in the process of organizing and recruiting the new edition of Miss Mongol Nepal, it makes me euphoric every time. In 2009 AD when I developed the concept of a beauty pageant with culture, beauty, talent and identity as its main theme Miss Mongol Nepal come into existence. Since then we have not looked back and it has been a hard yet rewarding path of both success as well as learning. This event of Nepal has already found its footage not only within Nepal but in other countries as well.

The Main purpose of Miss Mongol Nepal is to offer a platform for young ladies from Mongol communities (indigenous people) to demonstrate their talents and to create an atmosphere of healthy competition, learning and sharing through a well management and organized mega competition. It is, therefore a complete package for aspiring participants and for those who want to go beyond the average and represent the Mongol community as its true ambassador.

Miss Mongol Nepal is not merely about beauty pageant or latent, it’s a true reflection, through which to understand and truly accept the different language, costume, culture, traditions, ornament and everything else that comes in between. During the training session, participants are brought together and offered a wide variety of classes, training sessions, workshop and interactive programs by professionals and experts from different fields. So, The grand finale of the pageant will not the end, along with the event, but beginning of confidence and maturity.

Nepal is a land inhabited by people of different origin, different language and traditions and despite these differences people have maintained social peace and harmony amongst all. One of the major objectives of this pageant therefore is to create a sense of oneness among many and to respect and appreciate each other’s differences.

This kind of competitions will rightly contribute for a better mutual understanding, friendly co-existence, respect to each other and thus assist in the formation of a better society, a better nation and better global citizen. As a chairman of the organizing team, I once again reaffirm my faith and conviction that Miss Mongol Nepal will rightly and definitely contribute to make the Mongol community more beautiful, dynamic and versatile.


Ashok Pyasi Rai
Action Entertainment